Brand unveils first washer to premix detergent or fabric softener with water 

Electrolux has unveiled a first-of-its-kind wash system that delivers a deep clean by premixing water and detergent before the wash begins. The stain-fighting power of the new Electrolux washer featuring LuxCare Wash and SmartBoost technology results in a deep all-around clean that quickly and effectively removes stains.  The line also introduces the LuxCare Wash System, refined from thousands of hours of testing in the Electrolux fabric care labs and designed to deliver better clean and care of fabrics on every cycle.

SmartBoost introduces an exclusive technology that infuses water with detergent in a special chamber before the cycle begins for a deep clean that removes tough stains in all cycles. The LuxCare Wash system features improved wash actions, perfect cycle timing, temperature control and smart load sensing. With a 15-minute Fast Wash Cycle, you can quickly deep clean the items you need most, and the Sanitize option is certified to kill and remove 99 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of allergens. The StainSoak option tailors the wash program to your specific type of stain and starts by premixing water, detergent and stain remover in a unique chamber to create a powerful, yet gentle cleaning solution. Then, the temperature, tumbling actions and time are refined and optimized for your specific stain needs. Additional features include Perfect Steam to effectively remove stains and the Perfect Balance System that provides quiet operation. Extended Refresh adds a rinse and spin after the wash cycle to keep garments fresh until you can switch them to the dryer, and Fresh Water Rinse uses fresh water in the final rinse to ensure residual detergent is removed, for fabrics that are gentler on sensitive skin.

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Posted in: Laundry

Published: February 3, 2016
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