Richelieu HAWA CONCEPTA III System

The HAWA CONCEPTA III from Richelieu challenges us to see beyond what is right in front of us when it comes to open concept living. Instead of focusing on what is visible, the enhanced HAWA CONCEPTA III system for single pivot and slide-in pocket cabinet wood doors embraces that which you can’t see.

Designed with new technology for enhanced performance and simpler installation, the system is perfect for commercial and residential applications in kitchens, pantries, closets, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, food and beverage centers and equipment warehouses.

There are two versions available: the PUSH to open version for applications without handles or PULL version for applications with pull handles. With floor-to-ceiling design possibilities, high boards, or wall units with two, three or four doors possible, the HAWA CONCEPTA III provides unlimited creative freedom.

Photo credit: Richelieu

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Published: April 25, 2024
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