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InviAir exhaust fan covers

InviAir Exhaust Fan Covers

The new exhaust fan covers can be seamlessly installed, sitting perfectly flush with the ceiling's surface. 

Products August 23
Fantech bathfan

Fantech Bathfan

Bathfan is a curated line of five bathroom fan families designed to reduce redundancies to make both stocking and…

Products August 10
Leviton Decora Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

Leviton Decora Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

Leviton has introduced new Decora  Humidity Sensor and Fan Control devices designed to work with ventilation fans to…

Products October 9
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Panasonic Ventilator

Panasonic Intelli-Balance 200 Ventilator

The Intelli-Balance 200 allows builders and homeowners alike to better design and meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements.

Products October 7
Eaton humidity sensor fan control

Eaton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

This sensor controls the humidity level by detecting excess humidity in damp areas, such as bathrooms or laundry…

Products October 6
ThermaSol Steam Generator

ThermaSol PRO Series Steam Generator

ThermaSol now offers three levels of steam generator with the more affordable option of the PRO Series I…

Products September 24

Sharp IoT Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier

The new air purifier is Wi-Fi enabled with the companion SHARP AIR app, allowing you to monitor your…

Products March 3
Broan-NuTone Sensonic Lighted Speaker Cover

Broan-NuTone Speaker Cover

The Sensonic Lighted Speaker Cover allows designers to transform an incandescent fan into a sleek LED light with…

Products March 24


The BreezElite bathroom exhaust fans offer hands-free operation with a built-in humidity sensor.

Products March 27
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