ThermaSol PRO Series Steam Generator

ThermaSol now offers three levels of steam generator with the more affordable option of the PRO Series I Essential, the PRO Series II Advanced and the PRO Series III Ultimate, which has premium features like Fast Start integrated into the system and built into the price for less than competitors.

A steam shower only requires two gallons of water for a 20-minute steam session, and ThermaSol steam showers are highly energy efficient with patented SmartSteam and FastStart technologies. SmartSteam keeps water in the tank at just the right temperature before steam is created to save energy and avoid the system having to turn on and off repeatedly. With FastStart, the steam flows through the room in a fraction of time, which also saves energy. FastStart also deactivates if the generator is not used in 7 days and can be disabled or set to “green” power saving mode.

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