Sencentric SimpleSENCE Capteur

An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to help bring its newest product, the SimpleSENCE Capteur, to market.

Sencentric, a leading innovator in the design and development of environmental sensing technologyannounces the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to help bring its newest product, the SimpleSENCE Capteur, to market.

The Capteur is a next-gen device that uses the powerful detection capabilities of the popular SimpleSENCE Water Leak and Freeze Detector as its foundation. The addition of a 3-foot “tail” – which can sense moisture all along its length – greatly increases the device’s detection area and will provide quicker response time to a water event. What’s more, it will provide access to even tighter and harder-to-reach leak-prone spaces, such as sump pumps and under water heaters with low floor clearance.

The campaign, which kicked off March 2, is being undertaken to generate capital to produce the Capteur in quantity, helping meet a market demand expected to be very high, based on sales of the original unit. Backers of the campaign will get first priority on the SimpleSENCE Capteur when it is introduced in July 2021. The product is being offered through the campaign at discounted rates in one, three and five packs.

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