With a simple and compact design, the Appollo mini steam panel offers easy and flexible installation. Light therapy, aromatherapy and steam therapy all can be enjoyed within a small space offering wellness, both in body and mind. The Appollo mini steam panel features a slim strip, 163 cm. in length and 26 cm. in width, which is a compact size compared to the typical steam cabin for a steam shower. The unit comes with an LED color screen, allowing different colors to enhance your mood. Additionally, aromatherapy can enhance your senses. Equipped with an efficient 3.5KW steam generator for instant steam, the panel is intelligently controlled so that you can set the time and temperature and control the whole process of a steam shower with only a press of your fingertip. Find more steam showers and other bath fixtures here.

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Posted in: Bath Technology

Published: November 30, 2016
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