CLEANR Microplastic Filter for Washing Machines

CLEANR has launched a breakthrough microplastic filter for washing machines, available in internal and external models.

CLEANR, a new greentech venture, has launched a breakthrough microplastic filter for washing machines, which won six “Best of IFA 2023” awards at IFA Berlin, the world’s largest appliance industry conference. 

The filter’s design was inspired and adapted from the process that enables manta rays and basking sharks to filter their food without clogging their gills. Instead of attracting microplastic particles to the filter surface, CLEANR’s technology creates fluid patterns to form a vortex that suspends and isolates them. This concentrates the plastics into a narrow stream that empties into a biodegradable capture unit. The process is over 300% more efficient than traditional sieve and crossflow filters.

The company estimates it could stop the equivalent of over 280 million plastic bags from entering U.S. and EU waterways per year if widely adopted. Washing machine wastewater is the single largest source of microplastic pollution globally, accounting for 35% of emissions.

Performance testing of CLEANR technology designed by washing machine manufacturers that hold nearly 45% of market share in Europe found that it outperformed competing solutions in nearly every test.

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CLEANR’s nature-inspired VORTX filtration technology ensures greater filter longevity, handling three times as many washloads before filter-cleanings compared to competing solutions and delivering high-performance in the full range of washing machine cycles and settings.

CLEANR’s internal and external filters provide an effortless user experience that makes disposing of microplastics dry, easy, and complete in under 30 seconds per week. The filters also support WiFi communication with washing machines to update users on filter capacity and performance. Biodegradable CLEANR Pods are designed to prevent microplastics from being rinsed down the drain and enable quick and easy microplastics capture.  CLEANR will also offer consumers a recycling program for captured microplastics.

CLEANR Inside, the company’s internally integrated filtering solution, offers appliance manufacturers major cost and go-to-market advantages because it requires no motors or pumps and can be architected in two parts to fit more easily inside washing machines with significant internal space limitations. The solution is designed to be compatible with most major smart home platforms. CLEANR’s Premium External Filter features a simple and elegant design and is compatible with virtually any washing machine.

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Published: September 21, 2023
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