Sartoria Wallpapers Collection

Wallpapers, the first wallpaper collection by Sartoria was created in parallel by D-Segno Studio and designer Anna D'Andrea of Illustration & Surface Design.

From uncontaminated nature to mythology, from spatial geometries to digital allusions, the inspirations for Wallpapers, the first wallpaper collection by Sartoria hit the mark, arousing strong sensations from the first glance.

Created in parallel by D-Segno Studio and designer Anna D’Andrea of Illustration & Surface Design, Wallpapers is not just a product, but the symbol of a limitless way of understanding design and furnishing. Sartoria thus unites aesthetic research, color and tailoring by bringing together inexhaustible sources of inspiration — flowers, leaves and animals of more or less exotic inspiration, but also squares, triangles, circles and digital themes, a mix of characteristics that develop into 20 different motifs, each with its character and reflecting the will of its author. Even the names of the different lines give free rein to the imagination — from the obvious literary references of Alphabet to the floral echoes of Fleur, Isabel, Trees, Salice and Juncus, passing through the reference to distant worlds of Guyana, Wallpapers is a kaleidoscope of colors and shades, with pictures halfway between cubism and impressionism that the brand puts on the wall.

In the creation of the collection, sustainability is a priority that is reflected in the choice of materials used in the four substrates available, each of which has its characteristics and meets precise requirements. Here then, first of all, are two PVC-free versions where aesthetic beauty winks at the planet. With finishes designed especially for “low traffic” residential and commercial environments, Eco PVC Free 180 gr is a wallpaper with a non-woven back and a silk-effect front composed of a mix of polyether and paper that makes the product PVC FREE and FSC Credit Mix certified. A material that despite its low weight is extremely resistant. 

This characteristic is also found in Fiberglass 265 gr, a high-quality woven glass fabric wallpaper, also PVC FREE and made of strong and long-lasting woven glass fibers. The material allows the wall to breathe, preventing the appearance of mold or fungus and making it the perfect solution for new installations or wet areas. Equipped with a special receptive coating, it offers a wide range of colors and, thanks to its scratch-resistant surface, is suitable for long-term use in high-traffic areas. Decidedly more substantial is Vinyl Linen 350 gr, a textured, non-woven, printable vinyl wallpaper with a canvas weave that proves perfect for traditional, mural wallcoverings and for contract spaces where elegance and versatility are a must. 

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Finally, Fibre 350 gr is also a textured non-woven fabric coated in printable vinyl, but the addition of a thin fibrous surface allows the creation of a subtle finish to the wall graphics that makes small surface imperfections less visible. These two latest proposals are fire retardant and treated with Bio-PrufTM, a technology that provides long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

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Published: June 15, 2023
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