WarmlyYours adds a hardwired line to its Ember radiant panels.

The Ember line of radiant panels from WarmlyYours was originally launched as an economical and plug-in alternative to the brand’s hardwired LAVA radiant panels. In response to customer feedback, WarmlyYours developed and recently launched the hardwired Ember line. The hardwired electrical connection allows for a streamlined and elegant appearance once installed, as there are no visible wires or plugs. These panels offer an attractive, efficient, affordable and safe way to add supplemental heat to a room. 

There are five available models with three finishes and two wattage/heat-outputs. The Ember Mirror allows designers to combine it with a towel bar accessory (sold separately), and it becomes a three-in-one appliance – a fogless mirror, space heater and towel warmer. 

WarmlyYours has also launched a new line of controls that can be used with the radiant panels, as well as towel warmers. The new collection has models that correspond to the previously available controls, including a hardwired programmable timer and a Wi-Fi switch along with a plug-in Wi-Fi switch. However, the models offer advantages like an increased warranty, swappable faceplates for color matching walls (hardwired controls only) and two new countdown timer options. In addition to being capable of being controlled remotely by a smart device, the new Hardwired Wi-Fi Switch and Plug-in Wi-Fi Switch controls are also compatible with voice control via a system like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

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Posted in: Bath Technology

Published: January 11, 2019
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