WallPepper/Group Aquatic Creatures

Aquatic Creatures, the extraordinary marine universe of Riccardo Capuzzo, emerges on WallPepper/Group surfaces, bringing to life an original and exclusive wallpaper line with a perfect combination of design, surprise and technique.

Creating oneiric sceneries home to whales, turtles, tropical fish, sea horses and many other extravagant creatures, all with a great evocative strength, Aquatic Creatures is a suggestive and thrilling project, a reinterpretation of the underwater world from an unexpected, fantastical and new perspective. The illustrations by Riccardo Capuzzo generate a hyperbolic and enchanting vision of the marine environment, suggesting the importance of knowledge and safeguard towards this fascinating ecosystem.

Aquatic Creatures rethinks, as an enchanted reign, different habitats and incredible forms of life from the depths of the sea. WallPepper/Group brings this wonderful marine sceneries on its wallpapers, transforming decoration not just into an aesthetically and technically valuable work of art, but also into an engaging narration, where reality meets imagination.

Just like all the other graphics, the Aquatic Creatures Capsule Collection can also be printed on every material from the WallPepper/Group range, so as to be suitable for any type of surface and to bring ocean’s charm in every context and environment.

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Posted in: Bath Surfaces

Published: June 12, 2024
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