Florim Heritage Luxe

The Heritage Luxe collection takes viewers on an imaginary journey to rediscover an artistic and architectural heritage of inestimable cultural value.

Florim recounts itself as a product brand and introduces its first four collections, including Heritage Luxe. 

Taking inspiration from the noble hues and majestic veining of marble, the Heritage Luxe collection takes viewers on an imaginary journey to rediscover an artistic and architectural heritage of inestimable cultural value. Since ancient times, palaces, sculptures and monuments in Europe have been created from colored marble, considered almost like a form of natural or divine painting thanks to its vivid veining and varied color palette. 

In keeping with modern times, the surfaces of the collection have a strong decorative character and bring the heritage of the European tradition up to date by proposing a stylistic concept inspired by the beauty and classic luxury of marble that blends with the dynamism of veining and colors of a contemporary flavor. Heritage Luxe can therefore be said to exemplify the magnitude of our inheritance from the past which at the same time is part of our present. Memory, the heritage of the past and up-to-date taste unite in a single dimension in which the iconic objects and furnishings of yesteryear coexist with the most contemporary luxury of modern times to transform the atmosphere of the surroundings into something unique and instantly recognizable.  

The collection features six marble surfaces in bold, refined colors that add immense personality and character to the most exclusive of spaces.  

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  • Heritage Azure is distinguished by a pale, refined blue background against which a deep rust-colored vein stands out, making it perfect for pairing with warm-toned colors and materials.

  • Heritage Cloud is the most versatile surface in the collection. Characterized by different streaks of grey, this graphic can be perfectly matched with both warm and cool colored materials.

  • The soft, enveloping base of Heritage Brown is reminiscent of Spanish marble, distinguished by subtle and barely noticeable white veins.

  • Heritage Emerald brings to mind the rolling hills of Ireland. Shades ranging from dark to light green with dashes of brown and white congregate on its surface.

  • Heritage Aqua is a surprising surface that emerges from the encounter of contrasting shades of teal and white, embellished with sophisticated orange veins.

  • Heritage Flame bears witness to an encounter between delicate shades of brown and dashes of cream.  The richness of colors and graphic details of these products finds its maximum expression in the large sizes, designed to blend in with increasingly voguish large open spaces, or to illuminate more intimate surroundings 

The range in colored-body porcelain stoneware is offered in two finishes, comfort and glossy, while three thicknesses are available — 10mm, 9mm and 6mm. The 10mm thickness is offered in the 80-by-180cm format, while the 9mm is available in the 60-by-120cm size. The 6mm thickness comes in 60-by-120cm, 120-by-120cm, 120-by-240cm and 120-by-280cm sizes.  

The array of backgrounds is accompanied by three 6mm thick, colored-body porcelain stoneware decors that combine the different shapes and graphics of the slabs in the range, thus delineating an enchanting continuity of colors and veining within the space.  

  • The Picket decor juxtaposes the trapezoidal glossy Heritage Emerald and Heritage Cloud slabs to craft a refined composition with clean, contemporary lines. 
  • The Maze decor, composed of a range of small Heritage Emerald, Heritage Brown and Heritage Flame trapezoids, catches the eye with its harmonious concentric motifs.

  • The Trinity decor features three sinuously arched, glossy finish strips in the Heritage Azure graphic. 

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