StoneImpressions Beachcomber

Beachcomber offers the retro appeal of the 1950s with a blend of mid-century modern and contemporary elements into one bold design.

StoneImpressions has launched a summer-inspired collection, including Beachcomber. Bring the retro appeal of the 1950s into your next project with this new pattern, which blends mid-century modern and contemporary elements into one bold design. The circular patterns and vibrant colors are sure to add personality to a room. 

Color options include spice, ice blue, teal, chocolate and natural on stones including dappled perle blanc and carrara.

Sparked by midsummer and its delicate florals, patterns and travel, the summer collection offers a variety of additional designs, including Lagos, Melrose, Rainforest, Sawyer, Tibetan Fields and others. 

StoneImpressions offers the ability for patterns or murals to be printed on any of their eights stone types and in any size that is offered. StoneImpressions takes their customization offerings to the next level by offering the ability to mix and match tile colorings, and even the ability to match tile color with the colors of other accents.

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Posted in: Bath Surfaces

Published: August 7, 2022
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