Ceramiche Refin Beat Collection

In the new Beat collection, which Ceramiche Refin presented as a world premiere at Coverings, the ancient variability of nature has been interpreted with a fresh and contemporary perspective to create ceramic surfaces with a strong personality, where different types of stones coexist.

The collection combines natural traces and graphic elements through sophisticated chromatic transitions, creating a composition that is overall balanced. The three-dimensional details of the pebbles and subtle chiaroscuro effects provide depth and realism to the surfaces.

In the Beat collection, the materiality of natural stone is further enhanced in the Ribbed surface, which is the result of the innovative 3Deep production technique developed by the company. This technique overlays a specially designed graphic on the surface to recreate the shading of thickness. With its textile-like reflection, Ribbed stands out for its pronounced three-dimensionality, maximizing the visual impact of the material with every play of light, enhancing depth and volume.

In addition to the Ribbed variant, the collection also includes two proposals in a multi-format Kit: Linear, which combines large slabs of different sizes, and Carved, which is also composed of different formats and is characterized mainly by its unique and sculpted edge, making each piece distinct and one-of-a-kind. These decorative proposals further enrich the Beat range, which comprises five colors with a natural mood, encompassing warm and cool tones, four formats, and two finishes: Matt-Pro and C2 Grip. This makes Beat a comprehensive and versatile collection, an ideal choice to meet a wide range of design needs.

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Photo credit: Ceramiche Refin 

Published: May 12, 2024
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