Simas Hop Washbasin

Cheerful, young, functional, and contained in size, the HOP framed washbasin from Simas is a real jump in design! In fact, it is the difference in height between the faucet top and the countertop that is the key element inspiring the concept of this wide and welcoming washbasin, in which the play of different heights creates “a container slot,” a functional base protected by the high edge of the washbasin, ideal for toiletries. Aesthetically, the washbasin is created from a parallelepiped, the outer belt of which is decidedly rigid, with straight walls and rounded corners, while on the inside the surfaces soften thanks to a greater radius. The edge is deliberately not too thin, in order to carve out and enlarge the interior space. The end result is a greater plasticity of form, which accentuates the three-dimensionality of space.

HOP consist in 3 wall-hung or free-standing ceramic washbasins, on a shelf or on a frame, in the dimensions 60x50xh18cm/80x50xh18cm/100x50xh18cm, where only the length of the inner basin changes, while the countertop maintains the same dimensions. HOP is equipped with a washbasin-holding structure, which can be assembled and modular, made of powder-coated metal, in Matt black or Matt white, in which the combination of the horizontal rods makes it possible to reach all 3 sizes of washbasins, and also serves as a towel rail. HOP is equipped with a wide ceramic shelf at the base, ideal for accommodating and having at hand baskets, objects and anything else that may be useful in the bathroom. The profile of the structure elements is also taken up in the frame of a mirror with a matching integrated shelf, which, with a common stylistic language.

HOP, like all Simas washbasin collections, is available in Matt Antracite, Bianco, Nero, Tela, Cemento, Mirto, Moka, Prugna, Sabbia, Pervinca, Navy satin finishes and in Caramello, Capri, Menta, Narciso, Rubino, Grafite, Bianco e Nero glossy colors.

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Published: May 24, 2024
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