RIVA MAX European White Oak Flooring

RIVA Spain, a luxury surfaces brand and leader in European wood manufacturing, is excited to share RIVA MAX, a European White Oak hardwood collection. RIVA MAX elevates the ambiance in commercial and residential spaces with its captivating beauty. RIVA MAX offers 10” planks in 10 colors and two grades—Select and Character.

The Select grade offers a uniform appearance and fewer visible knots, perfect for contemporary and minimalist settings. Select grade offers a more unique finish and a more luxe option as it comes from the younger part of the tree. In contrast, the Character grade comes from the middle part of the tree and celebrates the true nature of the wood, showcasing the beauty of the material’s imperfections. Knots, natural marks, and slight color variations add depth and personality, making it ideal for rustic and traditional themes.

Sourced sustainability from European forests, RIVA Spain’s floors are exclusively crafted from 100% European White Oak, renowned for its durability, longevity, and timeless charm. Utilizing the brand’s 80 years of expertise in wood floor craftsmanship, RIVA Spain masters the art of crafting engineered hardwood floors. Engineered hardwood is a more sustainable option than solid wood, offering larger plank sizes and greater dimensional stability, making it resistant to changes in moisture and environmental conditions. It is easier to install and approved for radiant heat.

RIVA MAX features a European White Oak top layer combined with a marine-grade Baltic birch plywood core that ensures the stability and quality of the plank. As these products are sourced from nature, color variations add to the beauty and uniqueness of the final product.

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RIVA Spain’s hardwood flooring goes through an extensive sourcing and preparation process and takes at least a year to produce from when the logs are cut to the final product. RIVA Spain’s quality control measures are rigorous and start as soon as they receive the raw materials, where moisture, tongue and groove, and packaging inspections are a priority with employee rotation happening every 15 minutes to maintain a fresh perspective. RIVA Spain applies six layers of Bona UV-matt lacquer to guarantee maximum resistance. The surface finish for RIVA MAX purchased for residential use is warranted by RIVA Spain not to wear through or separate from the flooring for 25 years.

A European oak tree takes 180 years to mature, providing a material rich in history and environmental significance. Harvesting these trees beyond their prime allows for reforestation, highlighting the sustainability mission central to the RIVA MAX story.

To learn more about RIVA Spain, visit here.

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Published: June 6, 2024
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