New Ravenna

The handmade mosaics are presented in a variety of colorways using natural stone, glass, and metal

New Ravenna is pleased to introduce 20 new designs in the Miraflores Collection by interior designer, Paul Schatz. The handmade mosaics are presented in a variety of color ways using natural stone, glass, and metal, with highlights of 24k gold glass, glazed Basalto, ceramic, and Serenity glass. The materials have been pillowed, tumbled, hand chopped, and cut by hand or water jet. In this expansion of his original Miraflores collection, Schatz has incorporated his study of classical architecture, extensive travels, and fascination with textiles inspired by indelible childhood memories.

From his Italian godmother’s rag rugs to antique lace from Spain, woven textures inspired Dhurrie, Y Weave, Nomad, Galata, Valencia, Juliana and Palma. The natural world is represented by the ornate webs of summer tree spiders, which inspired Concentrico. Classical architecture became the basis for the maximalist Corsini, Coronel, Coronel Grande, and graceful Sienna border. Non-directional geometric forms were devised for Centos, Boundary, Echo, Heathrow and Trevi, while Estrella is rooted in slanting oblique geometry. Venetian honing sculpts the Dolomite marble of Antiquera into a gently pillowed surface. Mallorca and Mallorca Grande are an interplay of material and color to create infinite combinations of Moorish influenced design. 

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Posted in: Kitchen Surfaces

Published: October 18, 2019
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