Corian Endura High-Performance Porcelain

Corian Endura is a premium, high-performance porcelain made from a recipe of 100% natural minerals and cutting-edge technology.

New Corian® Endura™ is a premium, high-performance porcelain made from a recipe of 100% natural minerals and cutting-edge technology. Compressed under extreme pressure and then heated at high temperature in a similar way to how nature forges a diamond, this innovative material is a densely packed mass characterized by its durability and beauty. 

Non-porous Corian Endura offers superior resistance to extreme heat, abrasions, scratches and stains. Be it vertical or horizontal, for indoors or out, countertops or feature walls, the style and design of this surface product can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each application. 

With its on-trend designs, combined with a network of technical support, Corian Endura offers a blend of beauty and engineering know-how to enhance a countertop. It is able to withstand constant wear and tear while maintaining its composition and color. This surface solution is ideally suited to meet the demands of modern residential kitchens and high-traffic spaces, as well as fire surrounds, bathrooms, walls, outdoor applications and more. 

Corian Endura large format porcelain is jumbo sized and comes in three widths – 6mm, 12mm and 20mm. Designed to complement the colors of Corian Solid Surface and Corian Quartz, Endura is available in a versatile collection of striking colors and patterns to fit any number of interior design themes and is highly customizable for indoor or outdoor design elements.  

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Corian Endura allows options for creative versatility in texture and color. The palette is comprised of 11 colors in varying patterns, including glossy, satin and mineral. Choose from four product families made up of monochromatic, marble, metal and cement aesthetics. Elaborated aesthetics of variegated marble or the patina of deep metal open a wealth of creative possibilities. Its signature, almost seamless look is created through bookmatch and butterfly slabs where adjacent panels mirror one another for an endless design appearance. 

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Published: March 14, 2022
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