Lapitec Musa Collection

Lapitec has introduced new colors to its Musa Collection for 2023.

Lapitec has introduced new colors to its 2023 range — Bianco Serena, Bianco Angelica, Bianco Andromeda, Bianco Olimpia and Bianco Atena, which join the shades already present in the Musa Collection. 

From the softness of Bianco Serena, with golden veins on a chromatic base tending towards ivory, to the rigor of the gray texture of Bianco Atena, the new colors offer five fascinating interpretations of the white theme with contrasting décor, with a range of styles suitable for a variety of projects.

Lapitec is a cladding material for kitchens and architecture, 100% natural, made in Italy and appreciated on the international market for its aesthetic and performance characteristics. With a natural formula that is free of crystalline silica, it comes in large ‘full body’ slabs, i.e. with mineral colors present in the mix, unprinted, and which consistently emerge when making cuts, incisions and holes.

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Posted in: Kitchen Surfaces

Published: May 12, 2023
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