Villa Lagoon Tile Launches Cressida Bell Collection

Graphic, bright and durable cement tiles go anywhere.

Villa Lagoon Tile has long been on a mission to push the boundaries of design by creating signature custom looks for residential and commercial projects. In their quest for new and unique design elements, the brand has partnered with renowned English interior and textile designer Cressida Bell to launch an exclusive cement tile collection. The Cressida Bell Collection with Villa Lagoon Tile is Bell’s first-ever collaboration with a cement tile manufacturer.

Bell is celebrated for the wide range of products she produces from her London studio, including accessories for men, women, and the home. She also designs and makes many custom-made items, including, stationery, murals, carpets, and furnishing fabrics. Her well-known Bloomsbury Group forebears have an undoubted influence, but it is not all pervasive. The group comprised English writers, philosophers, and artists, including Bell’s grandmother, Vanessa Bell, and great aunt, Virginia Woolf.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cressida Bell to launch these exclusive tiles because her distinctive style celebrates bespoke art and craftsmanship, which complements the artisan nature of Villa Lagoon Tile’s handmade cement tile,” said Melissa Adams Dillon, designer and marketing manager, Villa Lagoon Tile. “Bell’s patterns stand alone and above most designers, and this selection has a rhythm and energy not present in any of our other offerings. Its vibrant, colorful patterns will bring to life any residential or commercial space.”

The Cressida Bell Collection with Villa Lagoon Tile incorporates some Bloomsbury-influenced elements. However, Bell’s highly decorative style also stems from her innate sensibility and the ability to draw inspiration from other art forms worldwide – including African prints and Turkish pottery and textiles — which she then transforms into her own inimitable designs.

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“This is my first collaboration with a cement tile manufacturer because I love that Villa Lagoon Tile’s cement tiles are high-quality, beautifully handcrafted works of art. Also, the designs can be customized online with your own colorways, which is a huge bonus for the customer,” said Bell. “Every design I’ve created over the years tells a unique story, and I have thoroughly enjoyed redesigning them into repeating patterns for cement tile applications.”

The inaugural Cressida Bell Collection with Villa Lagoon Tile includes eight patterns, each with three to four colorways. The color combinations and patterns span from strikingly contemporary to classic, and each is derived from Bell’s personal stories below:

African Check – Inspired by her international travels, Bell initially designed this fun, geometric pattern for her hand-printed silk scarf collection.

Artichoke – Bell originally created this “artichoke” pattern exclusively for the cover artwork of Arabella Boxer’s Book of English Food: A Rediscovery of British Food From Before the War.

Bell’s Sky Bird – Designed for the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Bell drew inspiration directly from English artist Walter Crane, primarily known for his illustrations for children’s books which often featured flying birds.

Bell’s Oak Leaf – Originally created for Bell’s client who wanted outdoor furniture with a garden-themed patterned fabric.

Bell’s Tulips – This was initially a design for a scarf with bunches of tulips arranged in a fish-scale pattern which easily translated into a tile of a similar shape.

Crosshatch – Bell cites crosshatch as one of her favorite motifs, which she uses time and again in her work. She thinks this pattern will provide a classic look and feel to any space.

Fish Pond – Inspired by Bell’s bathroom tiles (painted by her father, Quentin Bell) incorporating mermaids and fishes. Initially, Fish Pond was a furnishing fabric used for cushions and is now also a greetings card.

Paisley Leaf – This pattern (shown) was initially produced as a fabric for menswear designer Richard James and draws inspiration from an interior at ‘Charleston’ — the house that was a gathering point for the Bloomsbury Group. It is now featured on Bell’s lamps and shades.

Villa Lagoon Tile’s cement tiles are made to last: no printed-on color here. Similar to natural stone, each cement tile is unique with slight color variations, the sign of an artisan-made product. Installing cement tiles is similar to installing natural stone, with tighter grout lines and the use of a sealant after the tiles are set.

Published: May 12, 2022
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