Goulds Water Technology

The Aquavar SOLO2 delivers constant pressure even when multiple water sources are in use

The Goulds Water Technology Aquavar SOLO2 is a constant pressure controller that automatically monitors household water demand, delivering constant pressure when multiple water sources are in use. The controller is compatible with any manufacturer’s motor and can be retrofit to all conventional systems. It is designed with a user-friendly information center that includes a fade-resistant LED display that shows the system pressure, speed and current, as well as an error log.

Advanced product features include a dual set point and a programmable output relay that can control another device such as a pump or send a status signal to a monitoring device. An integrated output motor filter protects the motor from voltage spikes and limits electrical interference with devices like telephones, televisions and garage door openers. The Aquavar SOLO 2 also contains a soft-start motor that requires less energy at startup and extends the pump and motor life.

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Posted in: Bath Technology

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