TOTO Wellness Toilet

TOTO continues to accelerate digital innovation with the introduction of the Wellness Toilet.

At CES 2021 this week, TOTO will introduce visitors to the future the company envisions, which uses cutting-edge technology to achieve a new kind of clean, by highlighting its new Wellness toilet. In the era of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, TOTO continues to lead the way through accelerated digital innovation and partnerships with experts worldwide to develop this residential bathroom experience in the field of wellness – the Wellness Toilet.

The Wellness Toilet uses multiple cutting-edge sensing technologies to support consumers’ wellness by tracking and analyzing their mental and physical status. Each time the individual sits on the Wellness Toilet, it scans their body and its key outputs, then provides recommendations to improve their wellness. There is no additional action needed, so people can easily check their wellness throughout their daily routine, every time they take a bathroom break. They will see their current wellness status and receive wellness-improvement recommendations on a dashboard in an app on their smartphones.

The residential bathroom is the perfect place to support people’s wellness for a variety of reasons. First, although there are a number of other products that track individuals’ wellness (e.g., wearable devices), it is more convenient to monitor and analyze the body as a part of the everyday routine act of using the Wellness Toilet, to which individuals are accustomed. Second, toilets and people have two unique touchpoints that cannot be found elsewhere – the skin and human waste. The Wellness Toilet is in direct contact with individuals’ skin when they are sitting on it, and it analyzes the waste they deposit – a wealth of wellness data can be collected from fecal matter.

TOTO anticipates launching the Wellness Toilet to the residential market in the next several years. The company’s ongoing innovation in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will continue to improve consumers’ “New Normal Way of Life.”

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Posted in: Bath Technology

Published: January 13, 2021
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