Crossville Stone Fiction Porcelain Tile

The Stone Fiction collection features the popular appearance of crosscut travertine convincingly interpreted in durable porcelain tile.

Crossville Inc. has announced the launch of the Stone Fiction porcelain tile collection, an innovative series featuring the popular appearance of crosscut travertine convincingly interpreted in durable porcelain tile.

Travertine’s beauty in design has been desired from ancient into modern times. The material is prominent in many iconic, historically significant structures such as the Colosseum in Rome that still stands today. Interestingly, its popularity has experienced a resurgence and is stronger than ever now. For example, searches for “travertine” on Etsy grew by 211% in 2021, and it is the second-most specified natural stone behind marble. Even so, for many contemporary applications, the stone’s natural properties don’t answer the unique demands of modern environments and performance standards.

Stone Fiction captures travertine’s distinct appearance with soft, swirling surface graphics and a mild, abundantly matchable neutral color palette. The line’s subtly striated visual and limestone-like textural detailing, achieved through Crossville’s advanced tile design technology, emulate the nuances of stone mineral deposits and pitting of the natural material. Though the overall effect captures the real stone’s appearance, the tiles are easy to clean and extremely durable.

Stone Fiction’s versatile color options are travertine ivory, beige, silver and coffee. These hues are offered in both an unpolished interior finish and an exterior option suitable for walkways and pool surrounds. Though the texture of the tiles is smooth to the touch, the unpolished finish provides necessary slip resistance. This invites designers to carry a look from interior spaces to outdoor areas with no compromising performance.

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The collection’s concise field tile sizes are 12 by 24 and 24 by 24 inches, supplemented by a 2-by-2-in. mosaic. The trim package includes bullnose and covebase to provide a large range of application feasibility for commercial and residential projects.

Stone Fiction field tiles are made in the U.S. and Green Square Certified to answer sustainability standards. The complete collection is suited for commercial or residential projects with options recommended for both interior walls and floors.

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Published: June 25, 2022
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