Corà Parquet

The new ContinuumFloor offers a new boiserie for seamless wood flooring and cladding

Corà Parquet’s new ContinuumFloor offers a wooden boiserie that imparts a seamless monochromatic or two-color wood flooring and cladding in a range of wood species and colors. Designed by Massimo Broglio, ContinuumFloor can be manufactured with any type of parquet flooring that the Corà Parquet offers.

The product is supplied as pre-finished boards of assorted dimensions and ready to lay, creating tailor-made surfaces for wall and flooring. Adaptable to one color or in combination with many different color tones, the wall elements on the long side are equipped with a rectangular protruding board that can be installed vertically or differently in order to play with light and shadow.  

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Posted in: Bath Surfaces

Published: October 20, 2015
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