MILE®stone Bestow Collection Porcelain Tile

The Bestow Collection of porcelain tile is inspired by artist’s weaving, braiding and macrame knotting.

Introduced at Coverings 2023, MILE®stone‘s new Bestow Collection highlights fiber arts in Bandura Design’s inaugural collaboration with the brand. Homespun artist’s weaving, braiding and macrame knotting inspire the porcelain tile’s color, texture and pattern. 

For millennia, the art of weaving has been passed down generationally, culturally and communally to offer heightened expressions of history and heritage. Time, tradition and talent have created and continue to create artistry using hair, thread, tapestry and whatever else is available to create delicate and durable art. So often the work of women’s hands, weaving has left many great artists unsung. The Bestow Collection celebrates their rich history and modern mastery with a tile collection to transform any space with imaginative expression.

This collection, manufactured in the U.S. and environmentally sustainable, reframes the tradition of weaving into a modern tool for exploring pattern-making in the built environment. Patterns include Arku, Telares, Saori and Kunano in neutral color ways, such as white, cream, charcoal and indigo.

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Posted in: Bath Surfaces

Published: May 11, 2023
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