Cassandra Cucine

Cassandra Cucine's IDOLA kitchen revives late 1960s architectural modernism.

Cassandra Cucine, an emerging brand that designs and manufactures exclusive, sculptural kitchen furniture systems under chief designer George Pittarokilis, presents the IDOLA kitchen. The unit revives late 1960s architectural modernism with a design inspired by Yiannis Moralis’s works of art. With IDOLA, Pittarokilis has experimented with compositions of arched forms applied on square surfaces. As a result, the kitchen’s facade gives the illusion of a curvature in front view, which is in keeping the design philosophy of the brand. The same, prime curved module of the composition is set up twice creating its mirrored idol. The reflected idols express the coherent modernism of two eras, the late 1960s and the present. Each kitchen is tailored to individual styles and floor plans by selecting finishes and colors from a range of natural and industrial materials.

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Published: December 1, 2017
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