Bemis Haven 500 and 2000 Bidet Seats

Bemis, a leading manufacturer of toilet and bidet seats, introduces the Haven 500 and Haven 2000 bidet seats, a welcome addition to its comprehensive product lineup. Both seats offer impressive value with pleasing low-profile styles and advanced performance. These features combined with the easy installation process make them attractive options for people who are new to using bidets.

The Haven 500 bidet seat offers an array of features designed to enhance comfort and hygiene, including a dual-nozzle system for thorough cleansing and adjustable water pressure settings. It provides convenience and ease of operation with an intuitive comfort control knob to control its wash functions. A highlight of the Haven 500 is its battery-powered night light feature. No electrical outlet is required, which allows for quick and simple installation.

At just 3.5 inches tall, the Haven 2000 electric bidet seat (shown above) boasts an unusually slim design, seamlessly integrating into any bathroom decor. Equipped with instant water heating technology, this elongated seat eliminates the bulkiness of traditional bidets, providing a sleek and modern solution for every home. It features a dual nozzle system, ensuring a thorough and hygienic cleaning experience. The Haven 2000 requires an electrical GFCI outlet. It includes an easy-to-use comfort control knob, simplifying the user experience and offering “set and forget” temperature settings without compromising comfort. The adjustable heated seat and built-in night light provide extra comfort.

Both the Haven 500 and 2000 feature Whisper•Close, a silent, gentle closure that eliminates disturbances caused by slamming and enhances the overall user experience. Both seats are also equipped with the Stay•Tite Seat Fastening System, promising a secure and hassle-free setup. With these introductions, Bemis continues to set the standard for comfort, hygiene, and convenience in bathroom experiences, offering solutions that cater to diverse consumer needs and preferences.

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Photo credit: Bemis

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