ASKO Connected Dishwashers

ASKO's next generation of premium connected dishwashers is built with steel for ultimate durability and sustainability.

ASKO announced today the release of its next generation of premium connected dishwashers. Built with steel for ultimate durability and sustainability, these dishwashers deliver the highest level of cleanliness alongside a myriad of coveted features.*

Connected Dishwashers: Built to Last 

Durability is everything, which is why eight of the most important components that make up these ASKO dishwashers – the container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet and inner door – are made from steel or stainless steel (not plastic). This results in a longer-lasting machine, which has also been rigorously tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ regular use to ensure the dishwasher delivers decades of care.

Auto Dose

Years of research have narrowed down the exact amount of detergent needed to deliver consistently perfect cleaning results, and the Auto Dose feature is able to self-manage the correct dose each cycle. For added convenience, it stores detergent up to 30 days’ worth at a time, so users only need to fill it once a month. Users also have the option to utilize the standard manual dispenser as well.

More Powerful, Sanitized Clean

There is no need for manual pre-rinsing thanks to the ASKO’s Superior Cleaning System™, which pre-washes and rinses the load before cleaning the fine filter and all interior surfaces. The main wash then begins with rinsed dishes, a clean machine, an empty filter and clean water.

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ASKO takes cleanliness and hygiene to an even higher level. Unique to the brand, its UV Cleanse mode uses UV light to help eliminate up to 99.99999% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and more that can find their way unsuspectingly onto your dishes and into your dishwasher.

Cleaning is also made intelligent with the dishwasher’s two adjustable power zones with two different spray patterns. Depending on the type of dishes – whether tall, narrow objects or larger dishes like pots and pans – the dishwasher produces either a concentrated high-pressure hard jet for extra dishwashing power on tall, narrow objects like bottles and vases, or a wider spray for larger dishes, pots and pans.

Additionally, ASKO’s spray system consists of up to 10 highly effective spray zones, which ensure the entire load gets completely clean. The stainless steel spray arms ensure a consistent spray for the lifetime of the machine, and the baskets and pin rows are designed to allow maximum water reach as well as optimal watermark-free drying.

Asko dishwasher

Drying that Actually Dries

A common complaint with dishwashers is dishes that do not end up fully dry, but ASKO resolves this issue with three drying settings – Auto Door Open Drying™, Turbo Combi Drying™ and Turbo Combi Drying™ with sensor control. Whether you prefer a more natural air drying method or a fan-assisted system, you can rest easy knowing your dishes are completely dry in the shortest time possible, with the minimum amount of energy possible.

The dishwashers are also equipped with an anti-odor function that helps stop any nasty smells from developing in the machine, which can often be caused by dirty dishes that have been left in the dishwasher for too long. The integrated door fan automatically activates twice per hour for up to four days to ventilate the tub and prevent odors while minimizing humidity.

Flexible Loading & World’s Largest Dishwasher Capacity

The ASKO dishwasher racks are flexible, sturdy and made of durable nylon coated steel. Their mesh is finer than other dishwashers to keep dishes and utensils in place. The Flexi Racks™ system makes loading and unloading dirty dishes much easier and provides a variety of different loading options. Plus, the XXL dishwashers have the world’s largest dishwasher capacity, meaning there’s plenty of room for even the largest and most awkward dishes and platters. It’s even enough space to hold 16-18 place settings, depending on model, so you can load more at a time compared to a standard dishwasher.

“Bright” Lights

From the multi-color status light that indicates where your dishwashing cycle is in the process to the 4 LED interior lights that help you view the load better at night or at a glance, ASKO dishwashers are equipped to help you see things more clearly and quickly.

Quite Quiet 

Built with brushless motors, ASKO dishwashers are quieter, down to 37dB in night mode, giving you greater efficiency which results in reduced energy consumption and a longer lifespan.

Stay Connected

The ConnectLife app lets users control and monitor the dishwasher remotely via a smartphone or tablet. Look up the online user manual, change settings, check the machine’s status, discover the best programs for your needs and more. Users can even start, stop and pause programs on the go for ultimate convenience.


ASKO dishwashers are a benchmark when it comes to sustainability thanks to the integrated functions that balance care for the environment with top-quality cleaning results. The Adaptive Green mode is a perfect example. It measures the dirtiness of the load and then matches the necessary heat and water levels to suit, so water and energy consumption is optimized and never wasted.

Premium Design

With conscious thought behind each detail, these ASKO dishwashers are the perfect combination of form, function and intuitive design. The series includes three design families – Classic, Logic and Style – to perfectly match any aesthetic with its clean, minimalistic design and any user’s feature preference from simple to top-of-the-line. The sliding door model makes seamless installation, without interference between the wooden front door and the kitchen cabinetry, possible. When mounted, the wooden door slides upwards when opening and downwards when closing.

The new range of ASKO connected dishwashers is now available at dealers across North America from $1,149 to $2,399 (UMRP). The Outdoor version is $3,599 (UMRP).

*Features mentioned vary based on model selected. To see the full range of options and specs for the new ASKO series of dishwashers, including 40, 50, 60, 60+ and Outdoors models, please view the ASKO Dishwasher Line-up Comparison Sheet in the press kit.

Published: May 23, 2023
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