Ashley Norton Wood Knobs and Pulls

Ashley Norton’s latest collection of cabinet hardware reaches beyond brass and bronze with the timeless look of natural wood. Taking cues from Mother Nature, a variety of designs in genuine wood lend a sense of warmth and comfort to the kitchen, bath, or anywhere in the home. Designs range from the geometric Rectangular Knob to the asymmetrically curvy Wave Pull and finishes include walnut, oak, and a new stained black finish for designs made of ash wood. The collection offers an array of wood hardware that perfectly complements today’s modern designs.

Just as no two trees are alike, no two cabinet knobs or pulls from Ashley Norton are identical. Since each piece of hardware is made from real walnut and oak timbers, each piece has slight variations in wood grain that make it one-of-a-kind. Plus, over time, natural wood will patina and evolve with use, becoming more beautiful and unique as the hardware ages.

The wood hardware designs include the undulating Wave Pull, the slightly slanted Angled Knob, the twisted Arc Pull, the craftsman-inspired Rectangular Knob, the circular Yo-yo Knob, the bridge-like Modern Pull, as well as several designs that seamlessly blend wood and metal for a uniquely balanced look. Additional ash wood styles are now available in a sophisticated and elegant stained black finish, perfect for creating a dramatic ambiance in design projects.

Photo credit: Ashley Norton

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Published: April 23, 2024
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