Grass America Drawer Systems for Closets

Grass America, a leading supplier of functional hardware to the cabinet industry, highlights the application of its durable drawer systems to closet spaces, a less discussed but equally powerful application of Grass’ leading products. From the budget-conscious Zargen drawer system to the premium Nova Pro Scala, the utility and durability of Grass’ solutions empower architects and designers to enhance closet spaces with superior performance and premium aesthetics.

With their fast assembly and interchangeable components, Grass’ drawer systems provide a superior storage solution over traditional dovetail wooden boxes. Both drawer types are compatible with 32mm indexing and come in 50 mm increments, ideal for closet design, manufacturing, and installation. Zargen’s availability ranges from 350-550 mm, and Nova Pro Scala ranges from 300-650 mm in length. Across residential construction, interior design, and residential industry markets, everyone from cabinet shop owners to architects, designers, and franchisers can benefit from the unique advantages of Grass’ drawer systems to closet spaces.

The Zargen drawer system provides a design-friendly, economical, and fast solution that offers flexibility and versatility for closet spaces. With five side heights and flexible railing systems, the Zargen system can be customized to fit the bespoke needs of even the most complex closet spaces. The Zargen system truly offers infinite possibilities for the end user, with options for deep drawers, standard drawers, pencil drawers, roll-out trays, and customizable side and height adjustments that help users achieve perfect alignment for every unique application.

Grass’ Nova Pro Scala double-wall drawer system offers an elegant solution for closet spaces requiring a high-end, modern look. The Nova Pro Scala pairs its timeless elegance with futuristic design to achieve unparalleled quality, stability, running performance, and versatility. The drawer system’s crisp lines, right angles, and small radii combine to create a harmonized impression – in Silver, Stone, and Ice finishes. The Nova Pro Scala’s modular versatility makes it perfect for closet applications.

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Photo credit: Grass America

Published: April 11, 2024
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