Agape Collezione Marmi e Pietre

With the new Collezione Marmi e Pietre, Agape reimagines a selection of its iconic designs in a rich variety of marble, travertine, and lava stone. This edition reintroduces 21 models of washbasins and 10 bathtub designs, enhancing their timeless iconicity, such as the Spoon, the first bathtub designed by Benedini Associati in 1998.

The stone, distinguished by elegance, uniqueness, durability, and resistance, possesses natural variations that render each creation distinct. It shapes pieces that celebrate their natural imperfections, where every surface irregularity and color shift is not a flaw but a fundamental attribute of the material, offering a narrative that is perpetually unique and captivating.

Agape has expanded its range of marbles, all processed with a satin finish: Carrara white, Marquina black, Carnic grey, Alpi green, Emperador dark, Petit Granit, and Travertine, along with the option for customized solutions and materials upon request.

Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

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