Adhesion from Infinity Drain, Gensler

Adhesion is a collaboration between Infinity Drain and global design firm Gensler, which served as product design consultant.

Introducing Adhesion, a collaboration between Infinity Drain, the manufacturer at the forefront of architectural and decorative drains, and Gensler, the global architecture, design and planning firm, which served as product design consultant.

The Adhesion linear drain is inspired by the science of adhesion, where water droplets stick to a variety of surfaces to form unique patterns. To develop this abstract aquatic visual, the Gensler design team started by pouring water on a selection of luxurious surfaces to observe how the droplets moved and gathered. The modern pattern that evolved from this exploration has an even distribution of irregularity to create a look that’s at once random and precise. While the connected dots are present throughout the pattern, the repeat is masked to prevent a tiling effect.

“The pattern leverages the science of adhesion to redefine the way we think about architectural drainage,” according to EJ Chung, Design Director at Gensler. “The pattern’s circular water droplet concept is somewhat familiar and comfortable, but the progressive twist on the round shape adds flair and an upscale energy. And the edges of the curved cutouts in the steel reflect light to mimic the glistening quality of water droplets.”

The Adhesion linear drain is offered as part of Infinity Drain’s patented Site Sizable and fixed length linear drain series in a variety of lengths and ten finishes. And for those following the trend of modern fabric waterproofing, it also comes with optional factory-applied Schluter-KERDI.

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Infinity Drain products are proudly fabricated in Long Island, NY.

Photo credit: Infinity Drain

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Published: February 10, 2024
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