A Woman Contractor Tells Her Story

Published: July 9, 2024

In our latest From the Tap podcast, we speak with woman contractor Ashley Wainscott, the founder of Simply Home, an Austin-based contracting firm that is a woman-owned business that is also operated with women in mind.

The conversation starts with Ashley recapping why she decided to enter the contracting industry, which has historically been male dominated. She admits that it was not part of her life plan; with a degree in entrepreneurship, she had entered the event-planning field, which offered solid opportunities to apply her detail-oriented skills to a fast-paced environment. But the seven-day work week soon wore thin.

Ashley then talks about how she informally teamed up realtors who were family friends, helping administer punch-lists for homes that were about to go on the market. Coordinating the schedules between trades and homeowners for these fix-ups, she recognized a niche service that had growth potential. The next step was doing bathroom and kitchen remodels, eventually moving into full-home renovations and additions.

The subject shifts to Ashley explaining why and how she works to involve more women homeowners in projects. Citing their willingness to explore options – rather than just barging ahead – and their interests in both efficiency and equity, she conveys a genuine enthusiasm for her work.

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The conversation comes to a close with Ashley offering advice to women who are interested in exploring a career in the construction industry.

To hear more from Ashley Wainscott, listen to the podcast on SpotifyApple Podcasts, Pandora and other outlets.

By Leslie Clagett, KBB Managing Editor

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