A Closer Look at the 2023 KBB Product Awards Overall Bathroom Winner

Published: June 12, 2024

KBB recently got to know more about our 2023 KBB Product Awards Bathroom Product of the Year winner, Cold Plunge by Hydro Systems, during our From the Tap podcast. Kevin Steinhardt, the company’s vice president, discussed the research and development of Cold Plunge, and Ashley Steinhardt, vice president of sales, spoke to the user experience and benefits.

Listen in here, and stay tuned for more KBB Product Awards winner spotlights. 

Inspiration & Accolades

Ashley started out by telling us how much of an honor it was for the family-owned company to be recognized by KBB as a winner of the 2023 KBB Product Awards, as well as to share bragging rights. She then went into detail on the inspiration behind the creation of Cold Plunge, which was so homeowners could create more of a spa atmosphere in their own spaces – as part of their own bathtub.

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Benefits to using the Cold Plunge include healing injuries, reducing inflammation and eliminating aches. It can also speed up metabolism and increase endorphins – a nod to wellness for the mind and the body.

2023 KBB Product Awards

Added Innovation

Cold Plunge does not take the place of a hot bath, rather it adds the ability to go colder, depending on your clients’ moods and needs. Kevin noted some of its innovative features, including the ability to be remotely installed in a nearby closet and the need for only one plumbing line.

The chiller is oversized, and the unit does not require chemicals. Kevin also identified its aesthetic attributes, which are actually quite simple, and noted that Cold Plunge is now available for a variety of tub styles – not just drop-in models. Cold Plunge is relatively affordable for all project price points, and it is an American made product. Kevin also shared plans for future advancements, including an outdoor unit and a standalone option.

To learn more about Hydro Systems and Cold Plunge, listen to the podcast on SpotifyGoogle PodcastsApple PodcastsPandora and other outlets.

About KBB Product Awards
Each year, the Kitchen & Bath Business (KBB) Product Awards honor manufacturers for superior products that fulfill market needs through technological advancement, function, aesthetic merit and innovation. Nominations for the 2024 KBB Product Awards are now open. Learn more or submit a nomination here.

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