Vacation Rental Design Strategies

Published: May 16, 2024

On our most recent From the Tap podcast, I spoke with Nikki Watson, founder of the Design Quad, an interior design, staging and construction firm serving clients in Dallas and Atlanta. With her extensive expertise in vacation rental design, Watson offers a unique perspective on this thriving industry.

The designer told us why she feels like market has gained in popularity over the last few years. She attributes some of it to people traveling in larger groups and needing more than a typical hotel room has to offer. She also says the vacation rental industry has changed the way we travel.

Tips for Designers

In terms of advice for designers wanting to break into the vacation rental design industry, Watson says to talk to investors – the people who are buying this kind of property – as well as realtors who market to these investors.

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When it comes to design trends for these properties, open shelving is used a lot because it looks good, makes these easier to find and does not rob the kitchen of storage space that is essential in regular residences. Watson also suggests adding a local touch to a rental property, as well as something unique like a space to play pickleball.

Appliance Choices

One difference between vacation rentals and actual homes is that the designer can choose appliances that are a bit more middle of the road versus being luxury or professional models. She also suggests appliances that are easier to use, and including directions or user manuals always helps. In vacation homes that house multiple guests, it may make sense to include two dishwashers and double washers and dryers.

Vacation Rental Design Dos

Watson says to include seating for each guest, as well as enough surfaces for sharing meals. She also suggests choosing materials and products that can stand up to wear and tear and that are water resistant, and she shared some of her go-tos. The designer also incorporates a lot of walk-in showers in her rental property designs.

To learn more of Watson’s tips for creating memorable guest experiences through thoughtful vacation rental design, listen to the podcast on SpotifyGoogle PodcastsApple PodcastsPandora and other outlets.

By Chelsie Butler
Photo credit: Jersean Golatt 

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