Thermador, Pat LaFrieda Team Up for Campaign

Published: January 27, 2024

Thermador, the iconic American luxury home appliance brand, is joining forces with acclaimed meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda on a new educational campaign dedicated to settling one of the most intense and highly-debated food controversies: how to properly cook a steak.

From grilling, to pan-searing, to broiling, the best way to prepare a steak has never been settled – and induction cooking has added more fuel to that proverbial flame. Together, Thermador and Pat LaFrieda are educating steak enthusiasts on how to achieve a superb sear in their home kitchen with induction and its game-changing benefits, just in time for the colder winter months when outdoor cooking gets more challenging.

“When it comes to cooking steak, I like to keep my methodology foolproof because perfecting it can be challenging,” said Pat LaFrieda, CEO of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors. “I’ve been using induction to cook my steaks at home the last few years—especially when it gets cold in New York—and am a believer that it’s the fastest, easiest and most precise way which is why I’m excited to partner with Thermador to help take people’s steak game to the next level.”

“Pat’s expertise in the art of steak, combined with the cutting-edge Thermador induction technology, creates the ideal harmony between culinary mastery and innovative cooking,” said Beatriz Sandoval, Head of Marketing, Thermador. “Together, we’re elevating steak and blending tradition with induction technology for an unrivaled cooking experience. This partnership showcases our efforts to push the boundaries of culinary possibilities.”

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Photo credit: Thermador

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