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Published: April 8, 2024

Cabot, the premium exterior wood care brand, has announced its 2024 Outdoor Living Trend of the Year, “Retreat”, which invites homeowners to embrace the “Joy of Missing Out” (JOMO) by elevating their backyard sanctuary using its featured color, Desert Sand.

“As homeowners in 2024 invest in outdoor projects that increase their enjoyment at home, Cabot is here to help them bring those plans to life, inspiring home improvement projects to help them create their own backyard retreats,” said Sue Kim, director of color marketing, Cabot. “This year’s theme of ‘Retreat’ means enjoying what’s near home. As our backyard and front porch become our next adventure, it’s time to celebrate JOMO and embrace the simple and slower lifestyle in your outdoor space.”

The anchoring color for Trend of the Year is Desert Sand, a timeless shade that delivers a touch of elegance to bring a relaxed, comforting aesthetic to well-loved outdoor living areas. This soothing color can help families and guests feel at home outside, whether gathering to cook, dine, relax or play.

Three outdoor gathering locations, varying in size, style and budget, have been tapped by Cabot to support the 2024 Outdoor Living Trend of the Year. They include:

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Backyard Water Relaxation

Whether you’re looking to install a pool with a deck or a simple water garden or fountain, this natural element has healing properties in nature along with wood, and Cabot Stain provides protection against sun and water while beautifying exterior wood surfaces.

Private Covered Deck Lounge

Patios and decks invite relaxation, and you can impart a comforting, restful ambiance to an outdoor gathering space with a private trellis and stylish seating stained in soothing Desert Sand. These small touches can turn a patio or deck into an extension of home with a lounge-like feel and the perfect place to retreat.

Porch Spruce Up

Entryway and porch makeovers may sound small, but they can help reflect personal style for people who want welcoming exteriors to match their individualistic interiors. These outdoor spaces are styled with items that have natural tones and textures to create an approachable and welcoming space. Wooden porch swings stained with colors like Desert Sand can add to the traditional, relaxing feel.

“The pendulum swings to warm shades this coming year. Although we still enjoy the cool shades, warm shades dominate the conversation in home décor and outdoor styles,” Kim tells KBB. “Even familiar beige has come back as the trending color at home, and the interior color movement comes outside to blur the boundary between inside and out. This already popular go-to color is making changes for exterior applications. The wood tone trends move from a red to a yellow undertone, favoring a natural or weathered look. Additionally, the beige undertone of Desert Sand makes it feel more sophisticated.”

—By Leslie Clagett, KBB managing editor

Photo credit: Cabot

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