Moen Introduces First-Ever Designer Council

Published: August 28, 2023

Moen has officially selected 13 talented interior design professionals to be part of the newly established Moen Designer Council. Moen has long been recognized as a leader in the kitchen and bath design space, and the formation of the Designer Council is yet another step forward in the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction. 

As council members, the chosen designers will have the opportunity to deepen their engagement and visibility in the designer community, play a pivotal role in the future of Moen product development, and be celebrated for their work. 

“The Moen Designer Council is an exciting initiative, and we are thrilled to bring together this incredible group of professionals,”  said Carole Skees, Moen Designer Council lead. “Their diverse backgrounds, fresh ideas and creative energy are certain to grow their remarkable impact on the industry.” 

The Moen Designer Council members will include:

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  • Kelly Caron: Owner of Kelly Caron Designs, ASID in South Carolina and Florida, Caron draws inspiration for her design style from nature with its vibrant colors and textures that shift throughout the journey from the mountains to the coast. In addition to her interior design work, she has established her own apparel and home accessories collection embodying her signature style called Kelly Caron Curated. 
  • Anna Graham: A National Kitchen & Bath Association 30 under 30 recipient from Maryland and owner of Anna Graham Interiors, Graham has found joy in creating a seamless and stress-free process for her clients, ensuring their design dreams are brought to life with exceptional attention to detail. 
  • Crystal Hackl: As the owner of Inspired Haven Design in California, Hackl is dedicated to crafting spaces that foster connection, learning and personal growth. With her CKBD certification from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her projects. 
  • Christina Hart: Hart serves as a design principal at Studio Partnership, specializing in luxury hospitality disciplines. With an impressive portfolio that includes leading the design of more than 12,000 guest rooms and overseeing renovations of properties worldwide, Hart has established herself as a seasoned professional in the industry. 
  • Sean Carter: An interior designer from Ohio with more than 15 years of experience, Carter’s primary expertise is in kitchen and bathroom design, but he enjoys designing all areas of the home. 
  • Niki Kobs: A licensed state of Nevada general contractor and partner of Altmann Builders, Kobs brings a holistic design approach and more than two decades of experience and knowledge in the custom home building business to the Designer Council. 
  • Sophia Amiano: A kitchen and bath designer and a certified color consultant from New Jersey, Amiano grew up in the remodeling industry and made it her passion to understand her client’s dreams and make them a reality. 
  • Sarah Taylor: A principal designer from Ohio with more than 18 years of experience in interior architecture, Taylor has a thorough understanding of the construction and detailing to bring her projects beyond decorating and into a design that is in harmony with the home’s architecture. 
  • Jessica Blue: Blue is a Chicago-based interior designer known for her unwavering passion for sustainability and her fearless approach to design challenges. She’s also passionate about helping clients discover and refine their style, infusing each home with a distinct and authentic point of view. 
  • Hong Anh Sievert: Owner of Blossom Spaces in Kansas, Sievert has been a prominent figure in kitchen and bath design with more than 18 years of experience. She loves exploring her city’s cultural and design scenes to pull inspiration and create updated and timeless looks. 
  • Colleen Primm: Owner of Colleen Primm Design in Ohio, Primm is an interior designer specializing in kitchen and bath design. As a certified color strategist, she works with clients to learn their style and create a space they will love forever. In addition, she enjoys creating design content her clients can relate to and implement in their space. 
  • Stephanie Blake: Owner of The Limitless Designer in Florida, Blake specializes in reconfiguring floor plans, kitchen and bath remodeling, and interior renovations. She approaches every project with an open heart and mind, working to create artistic spaces that reflect the personality of each homeowner to create their personal oasis.
  • Heidi Mendoza: Principal of the Colorado-based design studio, RE.DZINE, Mendoza is a native of Helsinki, Finland, and her Scandinavian heritage is reflected in her clean-lined design. She loves to meld diverse tastes with different lifestyles to provide her clients with tailor-made solutions guided by modern design.

To ensure diverse representation on the Moen Designer Council, a panel of brand judges selected designers of different ages and experience levels from various-sized businesses within the single-family kitchen and bath remodel segment. The chosen members demonstrated their passion for the industry and commitment to advancing their design careers. 

“With their unique perspectives and expertise, we anticipate groundbreaking innovations, revolutionary designs and transformative experiences that will redefine what is possible in our industry,” said Skees. “We are confident that the Moen Design Council will leave an indelible mark on the future of kitchen and bath design, setting new standards of excellence for years to come.” 

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