How to Stay Creative in Busy Times and Slowdowns

Published: July 20, 2022

Designer Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, of Seattle-based Timeless Kitchen Design is no stranger at how to stay creative. She has spoken on the topic at myriad events, and she recently shared her tips for maintaining creativity during good times and those not so good.

The designer admits she has been in burnout during the pandemic in part because of the sheer amount of work that has come her way. Not that she is complaining about being busy, but it is often hard to stay creative when your brain is always working one way.

How to Stay Creative

Kennedy believes in focusing on what she’s better at and less of what stresses her out. She takes a little time every day doing something creative like gardening or writing in her journal. It doesn’t take a sabbatical to get grounded again, it only requires what she calls “little tiny moments.” She shared several of hers with us – taking a walk and spending less time on her smart phone – and says those will be different for everyone. These little moments can help a designer get back into the zone by just checking out from “work” from time to time.

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Kennedy talked about the benefits having a pet can bring, as well as developing hobbies that interest you in regard to how to stay creative. Enjoying one’s living space is also a must – especially if we feel those spaces support us and give us comfort.

To achieve a meaningful work/life balance, the designer said getting enough sleep is important. She also realizes that not all project emergencies are actual emergencies. In her business life, she has learned to prioritize and delegate so she is working smarter and not harder. Kennedy admits she has also said no to a project if she knows it isn’t going to be a match.

She believes creativity can’t happen when we aren’t present, so it is important to indulge in those activities that ground you, even if that means sitting still and enjoying the view. Kennedy also explains her H-A-L-T acronym and how it helps her realize when she is not her best self. She uses it to make adjustments to get herself back on track.

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