Formica 2024 Surface Trends

Published: June 3, 2024

Behind every residential collection launch from Formica Corporation is nearly two years of research and development conducted by the company’s design team, drawing insights from both homeowners and designers to shape the brand’s latest Living Impressions Collection. Through that process, the team develops a deep knowledge of the macro and micro trends that are shaping home design and our surfaces.

“We want homeowners to take immense pride in their homes and we believe trend-forward, high-design, beautiful surfaces should be accessible to everyone,” Gerri Chmiel, senior design manager, Formica Corporation, tells KBB. “Striking the right balance between material costs and design aesthetics is crucial, and the latest Living Impressions Collection provides durable, low-maintenance surfaces that empower homeowners and designers to achieve their desired look without compromising their budgets.”

wood-look laminate counter top

Photo credit: Formica

The State of the Residential Market

A variety of macro trends are shaping the housing market and consumer behavior at home, with high mortgage and inflation rates being the most dominant factor. Homeowners are staying put and instead opting for renovation, making their existing spaces work better for their wants and needs.

Homeowners opting to stay in their current homes means the real estate market remains sluggish, with low inventory in most areas of the country. The lack of family homes hitting the market has limited buying opportunities for Gen Z and millennial buyers. If they do find a house they can afford, they are having to make some concessions while still spending more than they wanted. However, pent-up demand is benefiting new construction, as new housing starts are trending up given the limited availability of existing home sales.

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While there is momentum in new construction, home sizes are shrinking in an effort to avoid rising material and mortgage costs. Some of the most desired features and rooms are being reconsidered in build plans, including the formal dining room being replaced with eat-in kitchens with large, multifunctional islands to create a more intimate setting and save on square footage. Smaller homes are also being built to attract first-time buyers, including homes with more affordable finishes and easier-to-install options that still appeal to the design preferences of a younger buyer who dreams of homeownership.

The enduring significance of kitchens isn’t changing, even as homeowners stay put and homes shrink. If anything, the functionality of the kitchen may be more important than ever, especially as the home footprint trends to a smaller scale. With a continued desire for open kitchen concepts and communal spaces, the finishes and design touches across these environments need to seamlessly work together.

coffee bar in kitchen

Photo credit: Formica

Surface Style Trends

Through their research, the Formica design team found that homeowners and designers shared a preference for five style concepts — warm veining, luxury beige, dramatic black and white, concrete and wood. These style concepts came to life in the 2024 Living Impressions Collection through seven elevated large-scale 180fx® stone patterns and six Formica Laminate patterns. On a broader scale, these surfacing style concepts laddered up to three specific design stories:

Modern Minimalism
This design story brings warm whites and minimal patterns that are understated and soft without losing their edge. Consumers are opting for sustainable materials, finishes and practices to minimize their environmental impact, but they’re looking for solutions that aren’t cost-prohibitive, as many reclaimed and recycled products can be. The quiet luxury trend also exemplifies this design story, with homeowners looking for quality materials that won’t go out of style anytime soon and low-maintenance products that make life easier by requiring little upkeep.

Casually Biophilic
In this design story, nature-inspired elements emulate the healing of the outdoors for indoor spaces. As we become more focused on our well-being and more in tune than ever to the influence our physical surroundings have on all the aspects of our health, we want our homes to fully support us in our wellness journeys. Textural finishes and organic lines make a room more inviting, multidimensional and dynamic.

Contemporary Classic
Classic stone patterns are reimagined with a modern twist in the contemporary classic design story. Expect to see a surge in the popularity of moody black, brown and dark gray tones – shades that not only anchor contemporary environments but also breathe new life into more conventional spaces. Today’s buyers also crave the opportunity to influence a space with their own personal touch. Expect diverse and niche design aesthetics to gain momentum, serving as a reflection of one’s personal style and functional requirements.

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