Beko Kitchen Appliance Survey Focuses on Sustainability

Published: April 28, 2023

A March 2023 kitchen appliance survey on food preservation and food waste revealed that more than three-fourths of Americans throw food away at least once a week, and close to half (48%) feel increasingly guilty about it. Three-fourths of Americans admit to treating their home better than the planet, however, more than half are doing something tangible to reduce their carbon footprint.           

When it comes to specific positive actions, respondents are installing energy-efficient appliances (55%), cutting down on single-use plastics (47%) and buying locally sourced and organic produce (44%). Eighty-three percent say they are willing to invest in new appliances that reduce food waste, increase electricity and water efficiency or help them live healthier. Of those appliances, a smart refrigerator with crisper drawers that preserve vitamin content in produce was the top response (70%).

The survey, conducted in March 2023 by OnePoll on behalf of Beko Home Appliances, the U.S. subsidiary of the global appliance manufacturer known for creating products that promote health, wellness and sustainability, found that 81% believe small sustainable actions can make a big impact on the planet and that the change starts at home.

Beko polled 2,000 Americans in advance of the Earth Day launch of its new line of refrigerators equipped with HarvestFresh. This proprietary technology keeps fresh fruits and vegetables fresh for 30 days while extending the life of essential vitamin and mineral content in produce.

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The Earth Day-focused polling effort offered new revelations about the relationship between food waste, food preservation and healthier living. More than three-fourths of Americans throw food away at least once a week, and close to half (48%) admitted to feeling increasingly guilty about it. From a demographic perspective, 57% percent of Gen Z and 49% of Millennials admit to contributing to food waste at least a few times a week. After throwing food away, they generally felt wasteful (32%) and disheartened (12%).

Eighty-eight percent of respondents wish they could keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, and almost that many (81%) believe they would eat healthier if they did.

When it comes to vitamins, 8 in 10 believe that getting their vitamins from fresh produce is important and would be more likely to choose a refrigerator that went beyond preserving produce to also preserve produce vitamin content.

“We’re optimistic that Americans understand the seriousness of food waste and need for greater food preservation and are willing to change their behavior and even their buying habits to help solve the problem,” said Justin Reinke, vice president of marketing for Beko. “It’s especially encouraging that so many respondents want to extend the life of produce and produce vitamin content – and believe that doing so will give them a healthier, more sustainable life.”

Beko kitchen appliance survey

With the advancement of technology comes new ways to transform people’s homes that many people are staying on top of. Eighty-seven percent know what net zero means – the idea that your home can generate as much or more energy onsite through solar and other renewable resources as it consumes in a year.

Seven in 10 said they would be willing to pay extra to buy or build a net zero home if it helped protect the environment.

“The good news is that the majority of Americans still believe that by taking small sustainable actions in the kitchen and throughout the house, we can create a future where we produce and conserve as much energy as we use,” said Reinke. “For those of us concerned about the planet we are leaving the next generation, this is music to our ears.”

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