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The Role of Smart Technology in Universal Design

Design of a residential space is a personal, artistic collaboration between the design team and the intended occupant.…

Business & People News May 3
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K&B Brands Respond to Today’s Residential Technology Needs

There’s a quote from author, consultant and former ad exec John Emmerling worth noting: “Innovation is creativity with…

Business & People News March 27
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Pam McNally NKBA

A Deep Dive into 2024 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

In our latest From the Tap podcast, we welcomed Pam McNally, SVP of marketing and digital for the…

Trends & Inspirations February 8
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Home Technology, AI and Design

With the advent of AI, the notion of smart home technology has to be reevaluated. No longer does…

Trends & Inspirations October 30
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Choosing the Right Partner for your Smart Home Project

The integration of technology has become increasingly important in creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly…

Business & People News October 17
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Smart Technology on a Budget

Smart home technology has evolved from a “nice to have” to an essential for many homeowners, as 55%…

Business & People News August 11
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CEDIA Expo 2023 registration

CEDIA Expo 2023 Registration Now Open

CEDIA Expo, the platform where residential technology integration, designers and construction professionals connect, learn, and engage, announces CEDIA…

Event News May 25
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What homeowners want in smart technology in the bathroom

What Homeowners Want in Smart Technology

Today, the world of home technology is constantly evolving, making it increasingly important for designers to stay on…

Business & People News April 14
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Increase Your Knowledge of Smart Technology Offerings

Kitchen and bath designers are expected to be experts on every amenity. Admittedly, that’s a high expectation. It…

Business & People News March 20
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Smart Technology for Wellness and Daily Living

Our routines at home have taken a dramatic shift to welcome “simpler times” through the integration of technology.…

Trends & Inspirations January 18
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How WALL-SMART Turns Home Tech Into Stylish Kitchen and Bath Assets

There’s no question that home electronics take up space. But do they have to be so visually overpowering,…

Sponsored January 1
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The Luxury of a Connected Home

What comes to mind when one thinks of the word “luxury?” Beautiful finishes in a spacious home? The…

Trends & Inspirations November 11
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5 Technology Trends Designers Need to Know

The convergence of home technology and interior design is forging some of the most fruitful partnerships these industries…

Business & People News November 7
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A Snapshot of the Design-Focused Technology at CEDIA Expo 2022

A newer tradition of CEDIA Expo is the Design Connection tour, an opportunity for those in the interior…

Trends & Inspirations October 10
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