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KBIS 2024 Touched on K&B Trends and the Evolving Luxury Client

Today’s kitchens are best described as central gathering places for family and friends. According to Tricia Zach, head…

Trends & Inspirations June 11
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Personalization Is Defining Today’s Luxury Projects

True luxury projects aren’t just about its size. It’s a combination of aesthetics, materials, function, comfort and personalization.…

Business & People News April 26
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Creating the Perfect Kitchen for High-End Vacation Rental Homes

In the past decade, luxury villas have increasingly gained popularity as vacation rental homes. Travelers continue to seek…

Business & People News March 5
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luxury bath from S&W Kitchens for high-net-worth client

Creating Luxury K&B Projects for the High-Net-Worth Client

Designing for the high-net-worth client requires a unique approach that goes beyond conventional design practices. These discerning individuals…

Business & People News October 31
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A Lesson in European, Transitional and Luxury Style

A Lesson in European, Transitional and Luxury Style This story was originally published on August 18, 2023; it…

Trends & Inspirations August 18
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Justin Page Wood Brand

Justin Page Wood Unveils New Brand and Vision 

Website design company JPW Design Studio has revealed its name change to Justin Page Wood, reflecting its new…

Business & People News July 24
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