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Published: October 1, 2022

As a trusted manufacturer of drawer boxes and cabinetry accessories, home organization solutions were a natural extension for Hardware Resources. Using their in-depth knowledge of cabinetry functionality and design trends, the engineers and product designers at Hardware Resources looked for ways to meaningfully improve organization solutions. They focused their efforts on solving problems that impact installation time, product performance and durability. This emphasis on problem-solving has earned Hardware Resources a reputation for engineering and design. Most notable is the “No Wiggle” pullout stability technology, which has been awarded several patents and industry awards for innovative home organization solutions. 

Hardware Resources

Performance Engineering

Cabinet pullouts improve the utilization of cabinet space by providing easy access to stored items. However, most cabinet pullouts utilize a system simply not designed to withstand the weight and extension of a pullout. As a result, many pullouts on the market “wiggle” when extended. The constant “wiggle” of the cabinet pullout can make items unstable, causing them to clang around, fall over, or even fall off the pullout while it is in motion. Sometimes items can fall into the cabinet behind the pullout, forcing the homeowner to uninstall the pullout to retrieve the item. Engineers at Hardware Resources tackled the problem by designing and testing several possible solutions. They realized that the best solution was to add stability to the top of the pullout so the pullout was strong and sturdy, even while fully extended. Following hundreds of hours of testing and submitting patent applications for their innovations, Hardware Resources introduced the patented “No Wiggle” cabinet pullout in 2016. 

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The “No Wiggle” pullout technology was immediately well received in the industry and set a new standard for cabinet pullouts. In addition to solving the stability issue, “No Wiggle” pullouts were designed to be easy to install and competitively priced. Many cabinetry professionals use Hardware Resources’ “No Wiggle” pullouts as a way to add value to their projects. Showing videos of No Wiggle” cabinet pullouts versus traditional pullouts is an easy way to explain how stability greatly improves the functionality and extends the life span of the cabinet pullout. 

Hardware Resources

Today, the “No Wiggle” pullout stability solution is available in a wide range of pullout organizers for base and upper cabinets that can be installed throughout the home. In the kitchen, new “No Wiggle” solutions include specialty pullouts like the Utensil Pullout and Magnetic Knife Organizer, which safely stores knives. 

Detail Behind the Door 

Professional designers agree that attention to detail elevates good design to great design. When planning a kitchen, designers must consider how the space will look and function in daily use. When homeowners are in the space—opening cabinets, accessing stored products, and making meals—a sense of visual harmony when the cabinets are open helps to create a sense of calm. A desire for stylish organizers that combine harmonious style, strength, and simplicity led to the introduction of the Storage with Style® line. 

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Introduced in 2019, Storage with Style combines European styling and American practicality. The line features an elegant, curved flat wire design available in either polished chrome or black nickel finish and consist of a range of products including a trashcan pullout, pot and pan organizer, “No Wiggle” cabinet pullouts, rollout baskets, and a blind corner organizer. The organizers’ shelves feature a removable acrylic liner that keeps items from moving or slipping when the pullout is opened or closed. The acrylic liner can be easily removed for cleaning, so maintenance is a breeze. Storage with Style organizers features heavy-duty soft-close slides for smooth performance, and the cabinet pullouts within the line feature patented “No Wiggle” technology for excellent stability. 

Keeping Pace with Change 

Although no one knows how spaces in the home will change in the future, the desire to maximize the functionality of space—especially in the kitchen—will most certainly be a priority. Designers have a unique role in helping to ensure that living spaces offer not only “smart” features but also “better” features like organizers engineered for living. From the unique position as a manufacturer of products from cabinetry to lighting and beyond, Hardware Resources is committed to providing innovative solutions that solve problems, install easily, and perform well over time because “better” never goes out of style. See the full line of Hardware Resources home organization solutions at 

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