Reform Showroom Opens in Brooklyn

Published: November 14, 2022

The Reform showroom in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn takes its design cues from the grandeur of the building itself, characterized by its 21-foot-high ceilings and industrial character. To this raw space, Reform, collaborating with Norm Architects, added a tactile warmth and softness in the form of materials and colors. This gives the showroom a distinctly homey and welcoming feel.

When entering the space, the contemporary approach to architecture, color, and material gives visitors a sense of the unexpected. Vast vertical surfaces and monochrome installations dominate the space.

The architects combined a spatial experience balancing the high ceilings with appealing tight niches for the Reform collection of affordable cabinets designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), Norm Architects, Muller van Severen, Note Design Studio and French architect Jean Nouvel. The height of the niches are created on a human scale. Domesticity is emphasized in the styling to give each area a distinctive individuality.

The new showroom presents a curated selection of products and accommodates the needs of both event and office space. A central core structure, nicknamed the “Monolith”, organizes the space. The concept of the Monolith draws on monumental architecture and art. A celebration of symmetry and grids, the Monolith has a clean, bold expression, whereas the kitchens have a subtle but grand spatial experience.

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Speaking exclusively to KBB, Reform co-founder Jeppe Christensen said, “Since we expanded our activities into the U.S. a few years ago, we had noticed a strong dynamic and demand from local customers, and opening showrooms in this market was essential. Our showrooms are indeed a key customer journey touchpoint where they can feel, touch the different materials and explore, immersing themselves into the different kitchen designs. Due to the global pandemic, opening new locations was on standby. However, with difficult months behind us all, we’re planning to open showrooms in Downtown LA, Philadelphia and in northern New Jersey.”


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Architect: Norm Architects Cabinets: Reform

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