Outdoor Kitchen With All the Bells, Whistles and a Bar

Published: August 29, 2022
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A New Jersey couple wanted to include a second outdoor kitchen at their lakefront property that was a little closer to the house than the one on the water. Lucky for them, a neighbor and friend of theirs also happens to be a designer. Jill Jarrett, CMKBD, and her son Jesse, co-owners of Emmaus, Pa.-based Jarrett Design, took on the outdoor kitchen project, which included many items – and appliances – on the wish list.

Checking All the Boxes

The clients wanted an outdoor space where they could entertain multiple guests and that would stand up to the elements. As such, the designers chose NatureKast outdoor cabinetry because of its superior construction, as well as durable and easy-to-clean Dekton countertops. Because the project began in the colder months, the cabinets had to go without the countertop installation during the winter but showed no wear and tear once the renovation commenced.

Next on the list was the notable appliance list. According to the designers, the round Evo griddle top has its own cabinet that features a curved front with a low countertop to accommodate hiding the lid when not in use. A second 48-in. Caliber grill has a retractable top so the cook can see the view while grilling. Refrigerator and freezer drawers, as well as a beverage center, round out the appliance list.

Function and Durability in the Outdoor Kitchen

In addition to the durable cabinets and countertops, the designers specified a Galley Workstation and Tap, which is housed in a special cabinet and can stand up to the outdoor elements. A stainless-steel, “critter-proof” pantry was incorporated for additional storage; it is tightly sealed so that animals cannot claw their way in. Jill says the cabinets are maxed out with all the necessary accessories, including rollout trays, a pullout cooking utensil organizer, pullout spice cabinet, tray/cutting board cabinet and double trash cabinet.

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“Tall stainless-steel posts to match the deck railing detail were designed and custom fabricated to add lighting at night and hold a large sail for shade on sunny days,” she added. “Undercounter illumination sets the mood after dark, and the lighting is part of a whole-home system that creates scenes and eliminates the need for light switches.”

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Aesthetics

It was also important to the clients that the look and feel of the al fresco kitchen complement that of the home’s white exterior and gray/green trim. The gray teak and resin cabinets with brushed stainless frames and white countertops accomplish this. The metal edges of the cabinetry balance the stainless-steel appliances.

The original deck had a curve in the outside edge, which the designers and clients wanted to highlight in the outdoor kitchen design. This was achieved by the inclusion of the curved countertop at the seating area and the sail attachment that is also a nod to the lake.

Overcoming Challenges

Although the clients wanted a lot of elements in their new outdoor kitchen, the original space was large enough that the design team actually fit in more than they thought possible. According to Jesse, the storage footprint didn’t suffer in light of the number of appliances because the cabinets had such large amounts of usable space inside. The G-shape design of the outdoor kitchen allows the cooks to be inside the prep and serving area and the guests on the outside.

“The beverage fridge and pantry are located near the service counter/entrance for guests to grab and go,” said Jill.

In terms of parts of the project taking place during the colder months, the team was in constant communication and was checking the weather often. They made tailored covers for the outdoor kitchen that could be taken off and replaced throughout the project.

“It’s an amazing space to entertain and take in the lake views, and its placement and orientation are perfect for our lifestyle,” said the clients. “The high-end appliances mimic our inside kitchen with the added fun of a bar. It’s the best outdoor bar we’ve been to, and we’ve been to a lot.”

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