New Waterworks Miami Showroom Opens

Published: August 15, 2022
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From its fabled Art Deco architecture to hosting Art Basel, Miami has long been fertile ground for design, evolving with the times and trends. In keeping with this legacy of creativity, luxury bath and kitchen supplier Waterworks has opened a new showroom in the city, moving from its vintage Art Deco-inspired space into an expansive, 4,500-square-foot contemporary venue.

“The new showroom immediately demonstrates a fresh, contemporary view of our company while taking a very organized approach to using the space as a client,” said Peter Sallick, CEO and creative director of the company. “Waterworks Miami is a great example of how showrooms can really support a longer-term plan to make a company easier to work with and for.”

Big Space, Big Ideas

John Young, director of global store design at Waterworks, said, “With this new showroom space, we gained an additional 800 square feet, and now have 20-foot ceilings and full window exposure. The building’s architecture aligned with our desire to create a more modern, focused showroom presentation and experience.”

Floor Plan with a Purpose

“In designing the showroom, we had the challenge of the amorphous curved front of the building,” said Young. “We created interior architecture in a rectangular grid to orient our design and created an interior fittings gallery at the center. We used the length of the space to create long, open views throughout the showroom.”

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Product displays and meeting areas were consciously designed to adapt to how clients work and specify, making the process as easy as possible.

The new space features curated bath fixture suites that tie back to fittings families; all wall-mounted accessories, hardware and furnishings are grouped by aesthetic (classic, transitional or modern). The surfaces display has also been reconceived and allows clients to shop by color with ease.

Waterworks has been a presence in the Miami Design District since 1998; its previous 3,700-sqaure-foot showroom was opened in 2010. As thanks to the local community for embracing the brand over the years, the company made a donation to the Miami International University of Art & Design to nurture young design talent.

The Waterworks Miami showroom is located at 265 NE 39 Street.

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Design: John Young, Waterworks Photography: Sandy DeWitt Photography Fittings, Fixtures, Lighting, Sinks, Surfaces & Tile: Waterworks

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