Making a Natural, Modern and Light-Filled Kitchen

Published: January 1, 2024
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In creating this natural, modern light-filled kitchen, the founder of Round Rock, Tex.-based  Triple Heart Design, Shelagh Conway, confronted several challenges during the remodeling. Determining the location for a new window was prime among them; it had to fit logically and aesthetically into both the interior and exterior of the home with a minimum of modification. A priority because the homeowners prefer to avoid relying on artificial lighting when possible, adding the window and skylights created tons of natural light in the kitchen, bolstering the occupants’ wellness and mood.

The window also played an important part of the design of the wall-hung cabinet run, where a stretch of shorter boxes are bracketed by tall units. The result is a fresh, personalized style.

The designer also had to do some clever problem-solving for power options on the island that would not ruin the aesthetic. Pop-up outlets did the trick without interrupting the lines of the waterfall counter.

Aging in place and sustainability are top of mind for the Triple Heart team and align with creating designs that are truly timeless.

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Under-cabinet storage with easy-access kidney cabinet inserts, outlets in drawers and an under-counter microwave all aid in universal design. While the clients are young, both children and grandparents alike can easily work in this kitchen. The tall cabinet pantry is a design favorite to replace the old standard closet pantry. “We find that this is far more useful and accessible with roll-out shelving,” said Conway.

As far as sustainability is concerned, materials tell the story. The kitchen has real wood flooring, all wood cabinets with a low-VOC stain and quartz counters as (a personal preference for the homeowners). Conway points out that the flooring was sourced from a vendor that has an eco-friendly tree replanting program and invests back into the environment with planting two trees for every tree used.

A go-to product for Conway’s kitchen projects is a 24-inch trash/compost/recycling station. “This in-cabinet design encourages thoughtful waste organization, making it easier for homeowners to sort their trash,” she said.

“Overall, I love how the space creates a calming effect,” said Conway. “With the clean lines and simplicity, there is a breath release that happens every time you walk into the kitchen. Kitchens can easily become overwhelming, and this kitchen is just the opposite. All the elements work in balance and cohesiveness. Zen!”

—By Leslie Clagett, KBB managing editor

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Design: Shelagh Conway, Triple Heart Design Photography: Madeline Harper Counters/Backsplash: Stratus Surfaces Cabinets: Custom Dishwasher, Refrigerator: Bosch Faucets: Kohler Sink: Blanco Flooring: Hardwood Bargains Lighting: Lumens Microwave, Range: Wolf Paint: Sherwin-Williams Vent Hood: Faber  

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