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Published: October 9, 2023
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Ferguson recently opened a new showroom in the A&D Building on Manhattan’s East Side. The brand’s previous space was also situated in the A&D Building, but was confined to a lower level, where it occupied a 10,929 sq. ft. single-story space. The former spot had some limitations, notably reduced natural light and the absence of an outdoor area.

The motivation for the move was to capitalize on the advantages offered by a new space – a larger two-story setup with generous outdoor areas. The higher position in the building also brings in substantially more natural light, which enhances the showcase of products. Mary Cifuentes, Ferguson Bath Kitchen & Lighting Director-Showroom/Builder, Northeast District explains, “This transition to a new space allows us to better align with our vision for a multi-faceted, interactive, and vibrant customer experience while maintaining our presence in a location that’s synonymous with high-quality design and luxury living.”

Ferguson Showroom Floor Plan

The design and layout of the new Ferguson showroom are deeply rooted in replicating the essence of an upscale New York City home, with clear inspirations drawn from the city’s unique architectural and design elements.

“Given that we’re situated in the A&D Building in New York City, we aimed to encapsulate the distinctive charm and functionality of a NYC apartment setting,” said Cifuentes. “The aim was to make the showroom relatable and welcoming, giving our customers – especially designers – a sense of how these high-quality products and solutions could seamlessly integrate into the compact yet luxurious urban living spaces that are so characteristic of the city.”

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The components of the floorpan include:

Home-like Entry: The entry has been consciously designed to be smaller and intimate, echoing the sensation of stepping into a luxury NYC apartment. This deliberate choice sets the stage, making visitors feel as if they’re in a showroom and a well-curated home.

Ground Floor Layout: The first floor mirrors the composition of a lavish city dwelling, emphasizing luxury fixtures and a sophisticated kitchen setup. As in a typical home, where the living area and kitchen serve as the central hub, the downstairs area of the showroom introduces visitors to exquisite designs and fixtures, offering them a taste of urban opulence.

Journey Through the City Lights: Drawing inspiration from New York’s iconic skyline and its interplay of lights, the path through the showroom is illuminated in a manner that guides visitors gracefully from one level to another. This lighting journey not only aids navigation but also adds an atmospheric depth, reminiscent of a city evening.

Second Floor Specifications: The upper level is tailored more towards specificity, influencing architects and designers with an additional range of plumbing and lighting options, the lighting lab and workspaces. This floor exudes a character that speaks to both modern design tastes and classic New York elegance.

Outdoor Terrace and Gathering Space: The terrace, a rarity in city spaces, serves as an oasis for visitors. It offers a reprieve and a space to gather, discuss and dream – all while soaking in the unique vibes of the city. This outdoor area embodies the luxury and exclusivity synonymous with many New York’s residences.

Cifuentes said, “In essence, our showroom isn’t just a space to display products; it’s a carefully crafted narrative of city living, influenced by the distinct charm, rhythm and luxury of New York City. The aim is to make every visitor feel both at home and inspired by the possibilities for their own spaces.”

—By Leslie Clagett, KBB managing editor

Photo credit: Helm Creative Studios

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