Wood-Mode Storage Accessories

Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry introduces accessories to make kitchens both beautiful and functional, including a dedicated bread drawer and a tilt-down tray. These new storage options allow homeowners to keep necessities at their fingertips but out of sight.

The Bread Storage Drawer allows this culinary staple to stay at the center of the kitchen without loafing on the counter. A deeper drawer construction offers plenty of space for grain products and is covered by a sliding door in either acrylic or wood veneer. The drawer is available in all colors and finishes to fit any drawer design or interior wood species.

The Stainless Steel Tilt Down Tray is one of Wood-Mode’s best features yet. The small tray functionalizes a previously forgotten space — the front of the kitchen sink. The tray tilts out allowing storage for sponges, brushes and other cleaning items better left unseen. The waterproof nature of the stainless-steel construction makes this a must-have feature for any home and is available in all standard cabinet widths.

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Published: October 11, 2021
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