Wilsonart Quartz Expansion

Wilsonart Quartz reflects exquisite scenes of nature like never before with 10 new designs inspired by the world around us.

Wilsonart has added new designs to its Wilsonart Quartz collection. Snow resting on frigid branches, ethereal clouds on the sea horizon — Wilsonart Quartz reflects exquisite scenes of nature like never before with 10 new designs inspired by the world around us. With looks ranging from soapstone to the coveted rare beauty of deep-veined Calacatta marbles, these new styles offer elegant and tranquil looks ideal for any space. Reflecting current residential trends, the expanded Quartz collection also includes a new natural matte finish that will be available on select designs within the portfolio. 

Designs include:  

  • Terlingua (Q6024) – Terlingua is an off-white quartz with a slightly sandy background, and short, warm brown veins present throughout the design.
  • San Angelo (Q6025) – San Angelo is a light gray quartz with a slightly sandy background and short, subtle veins in warm brown throughout.
  • Calacatta Marliana (Q4066) – Calacatta Marliana has large-scale warm gray veins running diagonally across the slab that are occasionally bordered by accents of light brown. Thin veins in both cool gray and golden brown extend into the white open background of this design.
  • Calacatta Olympos (Q4067) – Calacatta Olympos is composed of a cool white background that is offset by long and thin flowing veins in cool gray and brown that extend and converge throughout. Intermittent pools of soft gray occasionally appear along, lending a unique Calacatta appearance.
  • Nova Serrana (Q4068) – Nova Serrana is a charcoal-gray design reminiscent of oiled soapstone. The dark, mottled background is traversed by long thin veins in deep black and fading veins of soft white. This design is available only in a natural matte finish.
  • Terra Nova (Q4069) – Terra Nova is a light neutral background that is accented by large-scale organic swaths of bright white to golden taupe that fade in and out of the design. These swaths occasionally open to expose small pools of off white. Terra Nova is available only in a natural matte finish.
  • Kastoria (Q4071) – Kastoria is composed of a bright white background, with dense fractured swaths of large-scale blue-gray veins passing through. Soft and short veins of brown-gray also occasionally appear.
  • Alvarado (Q4072) – Alvarado contains a slightly mottled, off-white background that is adorned with small scale short veins that vary from brown to warm gray.
  • Victoria Mist (Q4073) – Victoria Mist is a bright white quartz that is slightly translucent. Long and thin veins of cool gray extend throughout the slab, creating a convincing marble appearance.
  • Sea Ice (Q1024) – Bright solid white.

Wilsonart Quartz provides incredible strength and versatility, allowing design professionals and homeowners alike to reimagine their style story without limits. It maintains its brilliance even in the most well-used areas. All Wilsonart Quartz designs are extremely durable, easy to maintain and clean, and are stain resistant. Wilsonart Quartz also is a recent recipient of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Declare label, which details the material health composition of building products to help inform consumers about the safety of the products they use every day.

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Published: June 20, 2023
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